Fugitive accused of kidnapping arrested after 24 years

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A man accused of kidnapping and torturing two women in suburban Portland has been arrested in Mexico after being on the run for nearly 25 years.

Paul Erven Jackson, 45, was arrested Monday by Mexican immigration authorities at a hotel in downtown Guadalajara, Deputy U.S. Marshal Eric Wahlstrom said. He will have court proceedings in Mexico before he is brought back to Oregon.

Police said Jackson and his older brother, Vance Roberts, kidnapped prostitutes and drove them to Roberts’ home in Hillsboro, west of Portland. The brothers were arrested in 1990, but vanished early the following year after their mother bailed them out of jail.

Roberts surrendered in September 2006 and was convicted the following year of kidnap, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and sexual penetration with a foreign object. The 61-year-old is serving a 108-year prison sentence.

Jackson appears to have been living in Mexico for several years under the name Paul Bennett Hamilton, Wahlstrom said. He said Jackson denied his identity when contacted by Mexican authorities at the hotel. The details of his life in Mexico were not immediately known.

The first victim was 20 in September 1988 when she was kidnapped after agreeing to perform a $30 sex act on Roberts in his pickup, according to details from the older brother’s trial. She said Roberts kept her in a locked closet when she wasn’t chained to a bed. She was sexually abused for a week and forced to call him “Master X.”

The second victim was pulled off the streets in June 1990, when she was 17. After a day as a sex slave, she slipped out of handcuffs, jumped through a window and reported the men to police.

Jackson was most recently featured on CNN’s John Walsh’s “The Hunt,” and was profiled several times on “America’s Most Wanted.”

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