Report: Plea deal in the works for David Sweat

Police stand over David Sweat after he was shot and captured near the Canadian border Sunday, June 28, 2015, in Constable, N.Y. Sweat is the second of two convicted murderers who staged a brazen escape three weeks ago from a maximum-security prison in northern New York. His capture came two days after his escape partner, Richard Matt, was shot and killed by authorities. (AP Photo)

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WIVB) — Following in suit with the decision to offer former Clinton County Correctional Facility tailor shop supervisor Joyce Mitchell a plea deal, prosecutors are reportedly offering David Sweat a deal in exchange for a guilty plea.

The deal would keep David Sweat — a convicted murderer who escaped prison with his cell neighbor Richard Matt, sparking a massive manhunt across New York State — out of the expensive court system. The Watertown Daily Times reportedDavid Sweat’s scheduled hearings on Tuesday have been postponed to work on the plea deal.

Joseph Mucia, Sweat’s attorney, said although no settlement has been reached, they’re in discussions. He’s faced with charges of escaping from jail, but a not-guilty plea has been entered thus far on his behalf. Joyce Mitchell, the person who reportedly provided tools to Matt and Sweat to fuel the escape, also accepted a plea deal. Hers leaves her in jail for up to seven years while also saddling her with fines.

Since Sweat is already serving a life-sentence for killing a sheriff’s deputy, any time he is given for the prison escape could be tacked on to the end of his sentence, but also could influence his privileges as he continues his sentence behind bars.

Currently, Mucia says Sweat is confined to a solitary, windowless cell with little to no furnishings for most of the day.

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