NYS infrastructure gets failing grades

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Rugged roadways, busted up bridges and broken water mains. They’re all part of the ailing infrastructure across the Capital Region that helped New York State earn an overall C- from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

It’s not exactly a report card you want to hang on the refrigerator. The worst grades were given to the health of local wastewater systems, bridges and roads; all things we depend on daily. They all got Ds.

“A D is a failure,” said Karen Morrison, Vice President of Transportation Services for the Associated General Contractors of New York. “They’re not going to graduate, and immediate intervention is needed.”

The problem- engineers say decaying infrastructure that was built for a smaller population. A perfect example is the Rexford Bridge, over the Mohawk River. As more and more people commute across the Mohawk, the smaller, older bridge has been forced to support more cars than it was originally designed for. It’s putting a strain on the aging design and on commuters.

“A parking lot that’s what it is, it’s a parking lot,” said Stacey Sweeney, who lives in Niskayuna.

Engineers say the solution is more money.

“We’ll be there to help with the solutions as long as we can garner the political will to find a way to fund this stuff,” said Mark Rusnica, former head of the local American Society of Civil Engineers.

That leaves it in the hands of our state reps to find those funds.

“Where’s the revenue going to come from, it doesn’t just grow on trees,” said Assemblyman Phil Steck.

Some suggested raising taxes as one solution.

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