Local coffee company vying for Super Bowl ad

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Death Wish Coffee Company in Round Lake is among 10 finalists vying for a free advertising spot in the Super Bowl.

Brewing a hot cup of coffee is how many of us start our day. For the Death Wish Coffee Company, what’s in the mug matters.

“Death Wish Coffee has been called the strongest in the world,” said Mike Brown, owner of the company.

The small business has only been around for four years, but it already has a cult-like following of sleep deprived folks across the country, even the world.

But now the company has the chance to reach a wider audience with a coveted Super Bowl ad.

“It would really make us nationally known and push us to a level that we probably wouldn’t achieve for 5 to10 years on our own,” said Brown.

To beat out the other 9 finalists in the Intuit QuickBooks Small business, Big Game competition, Death Wish needs their fans to vote.

“Since we have such a large fan base online that’s pretty much where everyone comes from, we are  asking our fans to vote and of course we have the advantage because they can just share right online,” said Teah Teriele, the company’s online marketer.

Teah began as a barista and is now company’s web guru. The Super Bowl ad could mean more jobs added to the 9-person staff.

“It’s nice to be able to genuinely support the company you work for and watch it grow from the beginning. There’s nothing better than that,” she said.

Growth that will keep the company buzzing for years to come.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Mike, how do you have so much energy? I’m like, “Well I own a coffee company and I drink coffee non-stop,’” said Mike.

The company will find out if they make the cut in early November.

In the meantime, you can vote for Death Wish HERE.

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