Family fights to keep dad’s killer in prison

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – A man is fighting to keep his father’s killer locked up.

Mark Ledbetter is up for his fourth parole hearing in November.

He has served 22 years in prison for killing Danny Clark, Sr. in Huber Heights. Now, he’s asking for release.

Danny Clark, Jr. says he recently received a letter from Mark Ledbetter saying there was no good reason for what he did.

“This was our life, and Mark Ledbetter took that from all of us,” said Pam Clark as she grasped at a photograph of her late husband.

Danny Clark, Jr. was just 10 years old when his father was killed. In March 1993, two little girls ran to Clark for help at the Huber Mobile Home Park.  They claimed Mark Ledbetter, their mother’s boyfriend, was beating them.

“He loved children. He did so many things for children in this trailer park,” said Pam Clark.

When Clark stepped in to help the little girls, Ledbetter stabbed him to death.

Since then, his son has made it his mission to keep his father’s killer off the streets.

“I’ve started some petitions. We’ve got hand written letters, and me and my family will all write our own letters. Just anything we can to keep him in there,” said Clark, Jr.

He’s been present for all three of Ledbetter’s previous parole hearings. Each time, his father’s killer has been denied parole. He’s hoping for the same outcome this time while he and his mother keep his dad’s memory alive.

“My dad can’t live his life. Why should he?” asked Clark, Jr.

Clark, Jr. has a meeting next month with the parole board to ask them to keep Ledbetter behind bars.

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