Schenectady to host MMA fight at Armory

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – They call it “The Octagon” or as others call it … “The Ring.” Local athletes, both men and women demonstrated some of the techniques used in amateur fighting all of which people will see during Saturday’s event.

MMA supporters at the announcement event say Saturday’s event for Schenectady is a good way to raise the economy within the city. Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbera said he supports both amateur and professional MMA. He said he’s seen many people travel to other states to become professional MMA fighters since New York is still the only state to ban the sport.

Guy Hammond, a local competitor who will be participating in Saturday’s event says he has a good feeling the professional MMA bill will be passed at next year’s session since it’s such a popular sport. He says fighting gives him a rush of adrenaline and isn’t afraid of the injuries that come along with it.

“It really brings me as a person together. It keeps me intact, it keeps me focused. It keeps me in tune with reality. It really just calms me down and it’s something that I’ve found and loved,” said Guy Hammond, amateur MMA fighter.

The event will take place this Saturday. It will be Schenectady’s first amateur MMA showdown; something supporters say they hope will boost the city’s economic growth by bringing visitors back.


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