82-year-old pilot gets chance to fly again

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Hendersonville woman took to the skies one more time as part of a national Second Wind Dreams Day, a day set aside to honor our elders.

Diane Fragos
Courtesy: Diane Fragos

Diane Fragos is a resident at Elmcroft of Hendersonville, a senior living facility.

She flew for the American Red Cross in Korea, and the community made sure Monday she had the chance to fly again.

“I just always wanted to fly. It’s exciting,” Fragos told News 2. “Being lift off the ground and it’s a wonderful feeling. It really is.”

She said she had problems because her parents didn’t want her to fly and forbid her from it.

Fragos then decided to join the C.A.P., Civil Air Patrol, working with them to transport patients during the war.

Diane Fragos
Courtesy: Diane Fragos

“We found 15 people in one plane. It was the most we ever got at one time,” Fragos said. “We rescued them. They could not get out of where they were, closed in by the forest.”

She was also a pilot for the Vietnam recreation program where she brought in supplies and special homemade treats for the service men.

The 82-year-old said she was doing something she really wanted to do, and didn’t even think about it being dangerous.

“It just looks so wonderful up there. I just wanted to look, look, and look some more,” she told News 2. “It was an exciting thing. Not a scary thing. It’s wonderful.”

Elmcroft partnered with Michael McCartney of GTO Aviation to make Fragos’ dream come true at the Sumner Regional Airport.

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