Security steps up for pope as rumors of threats generate in Philly

Pope Francis

PHILADELPHIA (NEWS10) – Authorities in New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are busy preparing for the pope’s visit, and now the secret service says there’s been an arrest in an alleged plot against the Pope.

Details of the arrest are scarce, but authorities are calling the plot aspirational and not a working plan. However, security is tightening up before next week’s visit, especially in Philadelphia, where Pope Francis will attend three outdoor events.

Six foot security fences have been installed, along with additional security cameras and communications links, all under the watchful eye of homeland security.

In New York City, the secret service and multiple other law enforcement officials met and discussed plans to prepare for the worst during the pope’s upcoming visit. The roundtable meeting is meant to go over all worst case scenarios to decide how the city would react during his two-day visit.

Everything from a power outage to active shooters to a building collapse was discussed.

The pope arrives in the big apple September 24. Christina will be there live Thursday and Friday morning while Lydia Kulbida will have live coverage for our evening shows.

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