Former NY assemblyman sentenced to over a year in prison

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Judge Mcavoy sentenced William Scarborough to 13 months in federal prison, and when NEWS10ABC asked Scarborough how he felt about his sentencing, he made no comment and only said he’s glad he’ll be able to be there for his wife during her surgery.

“I’ve said what I said in court,” said William Scarborough, Former Queens Assemblyman.

Walking quickly back to his car, the 69-year-old former assemblyman was tight lipped when we asked him questions, but in court he had a lot more to say; mainly asking for more than a year behind bars.

That’s because state officials say, there’s more options in federal prison versus a state prison and his defense attorney agreed.

“I want more than a year,” said E. Stewart Jones, defense attorney.

In May, Scarborough pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud, theft, public corruption and fourth degree larceny. Authorities say he falsely filed travel expense reimbursements when he used them for personal expenses repeatedly.

“I think it’s clear that it’s a serious crime when an elected official is charged with and convicted of repeatedly filing false documents, false vouchers in this case. This isn’t New York’s first state lawmaker to face a judge for corruption charge.

When we asked law enforcement officials why this keeps happening, this was their answer:

“Some legislators I think are confused their public service with self-service,” said Rick Hartunian, U.S. attorney.

Officials say because of these recurring scandals, they will continue to work aggressively.

“As a team, we have been addressing public corruption. We will continue to do so. These are serious matters,” said U.S. attorney Hartunian.

Serious matters Scarborough understood, but the judge says what he’s lost is not his life, but also his respect and trust from the community.

“He chose to abuse the public trust and when that happens, it erodes public confidence and undermines the strength of our democracy,” said Andy Vale, Albany Division FBI.

The judge also sentenced Scarborough to two years of supervised release and hopes this punishment will teach him to be a better person. He is expected to surrender on November 10, 2015.

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