Capital Region residents excited about Papal visit

ALBANY, NY (NEWS 10) – If you are one of the lucky few that are making plans to go down to New York City to see the Pope, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The only things allowed are a camera, and water and snacks.

Leave behind the selfie stick, aerosol cans, and backpacks.

More than 93 thousand people entered a lottery to win a ticket to see the papal procession in central park.

“Heard about it on the news went online put my name in as a joke,” Tracey Penk-Massucci told News 10. “Thinking ha ha, me and 100,000 other people.”

But Tracey was one of 80,000 to get an email back.

“And then I got the email and said omg omg, I got chosen,” she says.

But the decision to make the trip and stand in a crowd of thousands for hours wasn’t easy.4. “Standing there for hours in the rain, I had already heard about a terrorist plot,” Tracey tells News 10.

But that concern was not enough to keep her from making the trip, especially because her 16 year old son wanted to be a part of this historic visit.

He’s short, so he told News 10 he really hopes for a glimpse as he goes by.

But a glimpse of the pontiff is worth it for this mother and son

“I will never get to Rome but he’s coming here,” Tracey says. “How can I not. The fact that he’s here is the closest I’ll ever get to see my big boss.”

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