California Fire: 9-year-old shields little sister from seeing the devastating fire

LAKE COUNTY, CA (KRON) — Hundreds of people have set up camp at the Napa County Fairgrounds after fleeing their homes because of the deadly Valley Fire.

The Napa Valley Fairgrounds is the largest evacuation center in the Napa and Lake Counties with hundreds of people from all over the area.

Dominic and California are some of the youngest evacuees at the fairgrounds and spoke to KRON4’s Averi Harper Tuesday morning about the devastating event.

“It sounded like an explosion,” said 9-year-old evacuee, Dominic.

Dominic told Harper what it was like to drive away from his home.

“My little sister started crying in the car so I had to shove her head down so she couldn’t see it,” Dominic said.

California, 9, was at this grandmothers house during the time of the evacuation.

“I saw my grandma just packing everything up and I asked her what she was doing,” California said. “Once we got all our stuff in the car, we saw a huge fire right down the road coming towards Middletown.”

California thinks that his house is no longer standing but is dealing with the devastation well thanks to all the support at the evacuation center.

“All these people supporting us, it just really feels good,” California said.

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