A Hudson Falls church is a sanctuary for many drug addicts

HUDSON FALLS, NY (NEWS10) – A local church in Hudson Falls said they have the proven cure for the drug epidemic in our area.

Sunday NEWS10 cameras visited the church as their members, many of them used to be drug addicts. They talked about how their faith helped them get clean.

The capital region has a major heroin problem and Pastor Paul Meade said he was once part of that problem.

“There was a time I was homeless helpless dying on the streets of Albany. I was smoking crack my life was destroyed”, said Meade.

After being divorced by his wife and now his life in shambles, he eventually found the GospelLight Church.

“This changed my life”, said Meade.

Pastor Meade said he went through the teen challenge program himself. He described it as a rigorous fourteen-month faith based cure to help recovering addicts.

“I believe we’ve been talking about the problem long enough”, said Pastor Meade.

Brian Kao is 8 months into the program.

“This program is my life. It gave me my life back. Without it I’d probably be shooting heroin dead in a ditch”, said Kao.

Currently two-hundred people are enrolled in the teen challenge. Many of them there Sunday at the church shared their personal experiences.

“There is hope after dope. It really had been what we have found to be proven cure for the drug epidemic”.

Pastor Paul Meade said eighty-six percent of those who have completed the recovery program are still drug and alcohol free five years later, including himself.


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