Students involved in school sports battling rare heat

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As school starts back up, sports are already in full swing.

North Colonie Athletic Direcotr Ed Dopp said it’s been an unusual start to the season with temperatures in the 90s into the second week of September.

The high temperatures also had local parents concerned about the safety of their kids playing in extreme hot weather underneath a lot of sporting gear. Dopp said the North Colonie district follows strict guidelines put in place by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

“We have very specific protocol for football specifically with the amount of equipment they wear,” he said.

Those protocols include checking the AccuWeather heat index, which is measured by temperature and humidity.

“96 is that magic number,” Dopp said. “Real feel of 96 or higher, we don’t have to cancel activity automatically.”

Dopp said he checks the heat index one hour before any game or practice when it’s 80 degrees or higher to make sure his student athletes aren’t at any risk.

Even before the heat index reaches 96 degrees, they’ll make the decision to not wear as much equipment.

Dopp said a game or practice will also be delayed until the temperatures cool back down, and they add extra water breaks for the athletes.

Heat Index Procedure

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