New water tank in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, NY (NEWS 10) – The village relies on water, especially when there’s an emergency, like fighting a fire.

They have only had a 75,000 gallon tank for the entire village and it hasn’t been enough.

On Wednesday, the village broke ground on a new 150,000 gallon water tank.

The president of New York American Water, Brian Bruce, was on hand along with Mayor Carman Bogle to talk about the significance of this $1 million project.

The project also includes laying down 2,400 feet of new water main.  All of this will make a huge difference, especially if there’s an emergency.

“What happens is that our hydrants don’t have enough volume so in instances where there’s a fire, they use a hydrant the rest of the village has no water,” Mayor Bogle said. “That happened back in February when there was a little fire here they were fighting it for a day and a half and water supply was decreased everywhere else”

They hope to use local contractors for much of the work and hope to have it all done by December 15.

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