Albany residents reach day #2 without power

UPDATE: National Grid officials say power should be restored by 12-2 p.m. Thursday.


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A power outage is still causing problems in the city of Albany after almost 24 hours.

“This seems like a death trap,” Palma Wilson said. “I’m on the ninth floor.”

Wilson had a hard time getting out of her home at 2 Thurlow Terrace apartments in Albany when the power went out around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

In a 90-plus degree heat wave, she was one of 139 senior citizens and those with disabilities who live in the building.

“It’s just terrible here today,” she said. “It’s ridiculous. I asked to be moved. I don’t want to stay here. I’m afraid the elevators might go out again.”

That fear came true for 72-year-old Lillian Saunders. She lives on the eighth floor of the Thurlow Terrace building. She said she was struggling in the heat and trying to find a way outside.

“I called [Delores Summa] to ask her to carry the walker, and I was going to try and walk down,” Saunders said. “And then I discovered there were no lights, and I said, ‘I think it’s too dangerous.’”

Summa has a breathing problem but still tried to help her neighbors. She brought them water and ice that first responders had provided.

“This way she’ll have something cold to drink, and I’ve been helping people downstairs, and you know, you do what you have to do to help your neighbors and your friends,” she said.

Firefighters had their hands full trying to assist those with special needs.

“A lot of floors here to go up and down,” Albany Deputy Fire Chief EJ Seney said. “We’ve carried some people out as well.”

Power was restored to the Thurlow Terrace Apartments by generators.

According to Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, two other buildings that house seniors and those with disabilities remain without power. National Grid said they were switching power at a substation when the outage began.

At Saint Rose, 400 students are without powers in their dormitories.

“At the College of Saint Rose, we have set up cots for students who are displaced in the dormitories,” Mary Alice Molgard with the American Red Cross said.

Saint Rose did have to cancel classes on Wednesday because some academic buildings are also without power. National Grid said it hopes to have all power restored by Thursday morning.

The Red Cross shelter at Krumkill Road has closed, but anyone needed assistance can give them a call.

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