Children’s safety ensured on school buses after inspections

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When parents say goodbye to their children to send them off to school, they put their trust in school buses carrying their precious cargo to get to school safely.

It’s not easy for parents to send their children off to school, nevertheless – have them be on their own. For one district, its transportation department wants to assure parents their young ones are in good hands. It starts with a thorough bus inspection.

“Most people, you know, the public generally doesn’t even know we do those much rigorous inspections of the buses,” said Fred Dittmer, South Colonie Fleet Supervisor.

With 78 school buses at South Colonie Central schools, that’s three bus inspections a day. It’s very time consuming, but necessary.

“My technicians pretty much do, if they see something that’s not even in the brakes, they take care of it right away,” said Dittmer.

NEWS10ABC hopped on the bus to see how the brakes were tested. It started off at 10 mph and once it moved at 20 mph they slammed on the brakes.

Inspectors say they take these inspections very seriously to make sure the bus is in good shape before it picks up any children.

“From window buzzers, window openings, the brakes, the steering, the tires, anything that can possibly go wrong on a bus we’re going to look at every six months,” said Thomas Ward, Bus Safety Supervisor.

With colder weather and snow approaching in a couple of months, the inspector says they do additional inspections to make sure it travels safely in the rough weather.

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