Throwback Thoroughbred: Secretariat

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s only right that our last Throwback Thoroughbred is probably the most well-known horse in race history and one of the greatest thoroughbreds of all time: Secretariat.

In 1973 big red not only became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, but he also set records in all three races in the series. His career was so much more than that.

The story of secretariat started in 1968.The Chenery’s of the meadow stable sent two of their best mares to the Phipps’s, who owned the Wheatley stable.

The Phipps’s bred the mares with bold ruler and in 1969 a colt and filly were born. That same year, a coin toss took place between the two owners which the winner got the first choice.

The Phipps’s won and took the filly, leaving the Chenery’s with the colt.

During his two year of season, Secretariat won 7 out of 9 starts, including three important stakes races; the Sanford and Hopeful Stakes right here in Saratoga, and the Futurity Stakes at Belmont.

The next year, 1973 – Secretariat was looking to capture the Triple Crown. By the time he won the Preakness Stakes, big red was a national celebrity.

Then came the Belmont.

Over 67,000 people watched as Secretariat not only claimed the Triple Crown, but broke the margin of victory set 30 years earlier.

Secretariat’s record still stands today as the track and world record for the mile and one half distance at 2:24.

On November 6, 1973 in front of over 32,000 people, Secretariat was retired. A year later he was inducted into the hall of fame.

He died in 1989 in Kentucky, but his name is still spoken as one of the greatest.

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