Discovering Saratoga: Jockey cameras to change the face of racing

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Just imagine if Keen Ice’s jockey was wearing a tiny camera on his helmet and we got to see all the Travers action from his view.

That’s never been done before during a race, but that might soon change.

This would give us all an incredible look on the track because we’d be able to see what happens in those moments when a jockey finds the opening that helps them breeze past the others. The camera is also two sided, so it captures the action behind the jockey too.

This one of a kind camera has taken 9 years to perfect and the creator calls it the future of this industry.

It’s only an inch and a quarter thick and this state of the art recorder may find its way onto the racetrack. It was created by Michael Jones, and he has worked on this trail blazer for nine years.

“You want to be entertained, you want to be educated, and what better way to do it than literally feel like you’re on the track,” said Jones.

This is how the state of the art camera works. You put the helmet on and you can see everything that’s happening in front of you, but the camera also captures everything that’s going on behind you, so just imagine what this would be like on the race track during the race.

It would put racing fans in the jockey’s seat, at 40 mph.

“Only the jockeys have seen this. You know, so I think it would be completely different for the fans and everybody who watch the horse racing to see how it looks riding the horses,” Jones said.

Just imagine if Keen Ice’s jockey was wearing this camera during the Travers.

“You’re seeing how did he pick that hole, how did he know to go outside, how did he know to push it through the middle, how to get outside that rail and swing to the outside and win this race…?” said Jones.

This is the only camera approved for equine.

It can break away from the helmet and it’s capable of absorbing energy from a direct impact. This could literally change the face of racing. Jones says there are discussions about using the camera in this year’s Breeders Cup and says it would be a dream come true.

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