Local family wraps up coast to coast ‘Power to Push’

QUEENS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It was such an incredibly emotional scene as the Evans family completed the Ainsley’s Angels Power to Push Mission.

Shamus Evans, who is 9-years-old and living with Cerebral Palsy, stuck his feet in the water signifying the end of the journey.

With dozens of supporters cheering them on, the Evans family finished the Ainsley’s Angels Power to Push.  Over the 60-day cross-country excursion, Shaun and Son, Shamus rolled 3,200 miles from Seattle to New York spreading the gift of mobility and inclusion.

Along the way, the Evans’ presented 20 different families with freedom chairs so they too can roll with the wind. Now that the adventure is over, Shaun and his wife, Nichole tell NEWS10ABC they couldn’t be more proud of what they accomplished.

“It’s kind of sad to say goodbye to such a great family bonding experience and an experience where we were able to provide that gift of mobility. It’s just hard to put into words,” said Shaun Evans, Power to Push.

“To be here at the finish line is just so emotional because with the power of social media, I know it wasn’t just our journey. It was the entire country’s journey,” Nichole Evans, Power to Push.

Now this day is just getting started. Later this afternoon the Evans family is headed to Citi Field where they will watch the New York Mets take batting practice, meet the guys and then be honored by the organization just before the game.


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