EXCLUSIVE: Sister of barber stabbed at Colonie salon speaks

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More than a week after a local barber was stabbed at a Colonie salon, her sister is asking for anyone with information to come forward.

On August 21, Jackie Porreca was fatally stabbed while working alone at the Recycled Salon on Sand Creek Road in Colonie. A week and a half later, investigators still do not have a suspect.

“Every day you wake up hoping today’s the day,” Porreca’s sister, Janeah Rosecrans, said. “You know…you get that call, ‘We have him,’ and it doesn’t come.”

Rosecrans said Porreca was a deeply loving, generous person who helped anyone in need. She wants her sister to be remembered as the well-known barber who was as lovely as she was kind and not the way her life ended.

Around 3:32 p.m. that Friday afternoon, an unknown assailant entered the salon and stabbed Porreca. She was found by a neighbor as she collapsed on the steps outside.

She was bleeding from the neck. She died two days later.

jackie porreca

Police said no murder weapon was found and some money was stolen, but there’s no clear indication that theft was a motive. Authorities also said there’s a lack of physical evidence and a person of interest.

They said all the “usual suspects” can be placed elsewhere at the time of the attack meaning the person who killed Porreca is likely still out there, still unidentified.

“It scares me,” Rosecrans said. “I mean, I’m watching my back. You don’t know what they’re thinking; who they’re going to go after. You just don’t know. It’s very scary.”

Twice, Colonie police have stopped drivers in the area and handed out flyers with Porreca’s photo on them. Currently, no good information has resulted.

For all intents and purposes, all the police have to go on is a sense of optimism. That’s why Rosecrans is making a heartfelt plea to the public.

“To please come forward and speak because she needs justice and this person needs to be taken off the street,” she said. “Anything. If you know anything, it’ll help. It’ll help the next person if there’s someone else, you know. It will save another life.”

Rosecrans said whoever took Porreca’s life also took away a spirit that was always there for friends and family.

She also leaves behind her parents, two sisters and three brothers.

If you know anything about the case, call Colonie Police at (518) 783-2744. You can remain anonymous.


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