Albany Co. takes legal action on crude oil transportation

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany County officials continue to take steps to address concerns over crude oil transport through the city of Albany.

It’s a battle that has been going on for years. People living near the oil train yards in Albany want the odors and the dangers away from their door step.

On Tuesday, they received some support.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy announced two legal actions against Global Companies, LLC. They have been put on notice of the county’s intent to file a federal lawsuit.

The impending lawsuit states Global Companies is operating in violation of the Clean Air Act., which means the company has 61 days until the county takes action and the lawsuit moves forward.

The county is also filing a brief in Washington, D.C. Appeals Court against the Department of Transportation challenging the adequacy of their rules on oil rail safety measures.

“What they are doing is basically saying we’re going to make things a little big safer, but we are going to take three or four years to do it; five years down the road in certain cases,” McCoy said. “What we’re saying today is we want it today.”

Officials said nearly two billion gallons of oil each year moves through the area, which McCoy says is the third busiest crude oil hub in the entire nation.

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