Boy comes to rescue as giant boulder crushes father

IDAHO (NEWS10) – A young boy helped keep his father alive after a boulder fell on top of him this week.

The two were hiking in Idaho when the refrigerator-sized boulder struck 52-year-old David Finlayson. For two days Charlie took care his father, keeping him hydrated, fed and even dressed his dad’s open wound.

The 13-year-old eagle scout said it was because of his training and his dad’s experience with similar situations that he was able to stay calm.

“Charlie was right on top of things. He got me lowered down to the ground and got the first aid kit lowered to me. Once I got it taped up, I figured we were going to be ok at some point,” said David.

“I got my motto, ‘stay calm,’ from my dad and scouts,” said Charlie.

Eventually, the two ran into some campers who found help. The boulder broke Finlayson’s back, left heel and left arm.

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