Discovering Saratoga: American Pharoah arrives to the Spa

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Triple Crown winner arrived to Saratoga on Wednesday ahead of the Travers Stakes this weekend.

In all his glory, American Pharoah sauntered off his trailer around 3 p.m. and into the Terranova Stables where he was fed.

He paraded around for members of the media and a select group of fans for about 30 minutes, treated to a bath and then shown off some more.

Trainer John Terranova has meticulously prepared for the Triple Crown winner, who will stay at his stables.

But this isn’t the first time they’ll meet.

Terranova has known the horse’s trainer Bob Baffert since 1991. American Pharoah had stayed in Terranova’s stable at the Belmont Stakes.

After his final breeze on Sunday, Pharoah made it clear he wanted to come to Saratoga.

“After we got confirmation from Bob that ‘Okay, you guys can go ahead and start getting things ready and whatever you need to do because we’re on our way,’” Terranova said.

A crew spent the day putting the finishing touches on their stables to make it ready for the thoroughbred.

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