Community comes together in support of officers after shootout

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In the wake of a police shootout, the business community in Troy is coming together to show its support for the police department.

The owners of O’Brien’s Public House, Terry and Don O’Brien, were behind the blue balloons. Downtown businesses said the couple went around Sunday and handed them out.

The balloons were a sign of appreciation, and businesses like the Collar City Sweet Shop were happy to take part.

“I hope they know that we stand by them and back them 100 percent,” Amy Farrigan of Collar City Sweet Shop said. “And I was glad to see when I put my balloon out yesterday that a police officer was driving by and saw me and my daughter tying them out there, and he nodded to us and waved. We, like everyone here, just want them to know we support them.”

The Collar City Sweet Shop has been open for about a week. The owner said police officers frequently patrol the area on foot, and that’s part of the reason she came to downtown Troy.

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