Police search for leads in Colonie Center Mall shooting

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Colonie Center opened on time Friday morning despite the shooting from the parking lot Thursday night and a lot of mall security was inside right when they opened.

The lieutenant at the Colonie Police Department says no suspects have been arrested yet, but they are actively searching.

Police say they only know the suspect is a black male and they are still working on getting a description of the vehicle he fled in. Police also say the dispute between the victim and the suspect may have started with two women who were in line buying tickets for the movies when one of the women, who was part of the shooter’s group was asked to leave.

The victim, 38-year-old Jermel Hawkins and his group also decided to leave the mall where the dispute carried on outside. There was some pushing and shoving, which eventually led up to the shooting.

Police did say they received information that the dispute started in Albany, but they say the dispute definitely started inside the mall. Police say the mall was not on lockdown for this incident and that it was getting ready to close anyways.

colonie center update

Colonie police say they were at the scene this morning looking for more clues.

“We are looking for surveillance footage from other stores. There was no surveillance footage in the outside that captures the shooting, but we could have some inside that captured the two groups together. It may help us identify our suspect as well as owner of the vehicle that sustained two bullet wounds to the windshield. Another officer showed up at the mall looking for his car, he was unable to get out of the parking lot last night because of police activity. He went home and came back.”

Police say they do have a lot of leads that appear to be promising and say they do believe in identifying a suspect sooner, rather than later.

However they do want to remind community members Colonie Center has always been a safe place, but do want everyone to remain vigilant regardless.

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