Made in Saratoga: Saratoga Water

Saratoga’s slogan is health, history and horses with health tracing back to the water from the mineral springs that are long famous in the Spa City.

Saratoga Water made national attention after being chosen as the official water served at the last presidential inauguration. From the underground springs to the bottling line, those eye catching blue bottles of Saratoga Water go everywhere.

“We’re a local product, and we’ve seen it in commercials or on television shows; in the White House,” Saratoga Water President Adam Madkour said.

The company started bottling in 1872. Madkour said when it comes to water, Saratoga is not only special in the U.S. but around the world.

“It gives us this unique location where there’s pure water just bubbling up from the ground,” he said. “Naturally carbonated in some cases and really the only comparable place in the world is the Vichy spring in France.”

Summer is Saratoga Water’s busy season with up to 500 bottles of water being filled every minute. It is sold in 42 states and five countries.

But 143 years after they started, the tastes have changed.

“People liked the high sodium bicarbonate level because of their diet it helped with digestion,” Madkour explained. “Just, like, turns and things like that, but over the years, people stopped using it for its medicinal value and used it for its hydration value.”

The Big Red Spring can be found at Saratoga Race Course. It’s named after famous chestnut colored horses Man o’ War and Secretariat.

Some people drink it for luck; but be forewarned. It has the medicinal taste Madkour explained.

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