Lake George mayor willing to front reward after recent vandalism

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Village of Lake George wants to know who is painting profanity on public restrooms, and the mayor is proposing a reward to find out.

Mayor Robert Blais believes tourism in summer 2015 has been its best in possibly 12 years. That’s why he’s so upset by the rash of vandalism the past three or four weeks.

Much of the vandalism includes graffiti in the restrooms at Shephard Park.

“It’s disturbing ,” Blais said. “It’s been centered mainly around our two sets of public restrooms.”

Blais said the village is making an effort to constantly clean it up. They’ve had to repaint entire walkways several times to get rid of profanity and threats.

“We want our restrooms to look as good as possible and be presentable,” Blais said.

But it isn’t cheap.

“The damage that they’ve done to restrooms alone will amount to $3,000 or $4,000,” Blais said. “And it hasn’t been just once. It’s been three or four times.”

Restrooms aren’t the only target. Signage in front of a Marriott that is under construction has also been vandalized.

“So we’ve more or less centered in on the fact that it’s probably young adults; probably local,” the mayor said.

Blais said the acts are disturbing as they’ve had a great summer economically. Visitors have also noticed.

“You know, people love to come here and take the ships for a ride, but it doesn’t make them feel safe for sure,” Rochester resident Peter Camblin said.

The mayor said there are also new, free concert events this year and signs for those have been targeted.

“We’ve had to create new signs,” he said. “We’ve had to put up new signs, take down the damaged ones, so it’s disturbing.”

Blais plans to ask the village board to offer a reward of $1,000 or more for information leading to the apprehension of those responsible.

“I think it’s a reasonable and justifiable expense, but if not, I’m willing to cover the expenses myself,” he said.

Blais said he hopes a reward will help catch the culprits and put an end to the behavior.

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