WWII veteran goes skydiving for the first time

Petersburg, OHIO (WKBN) – A World War II veteran from Ohio crossed something off his bucket list over the weekend.

He jumped out of an airplane for the first time at the age of 94.

One of Henry Burner’s fondest memories of being in the Air Force in Europe was riding in B-17 bombers.

“And you could stick your head out and look all around, and I always thought how nice it would be to jump out there and sail down,” he said.

But he never got a chance – until now. At 94-years old, Burner went to Skydive Rick’s in Petersburg to take his first jump.

“He’s just an amazing person,” his niece, Nancy MacDonald said. “His father lived to be, I think it was, 96.”

Skydive Rick’s co-owner Kay Kuhns said Burner is the oldest person to ever skydive there.

“You know, that gets to be that any place I go anymore I’m the oldest person,” Burner said.

“This guy is unbelievable,” Kuhns said. “I’ve never seen anyone in quite that good a shape at his age.”

So what’s his secret?

Burner said he never smokes, and he rarely drinks. He spends six months of the year in Florida where he dances and walks five miles a day. And what about his first skydive?

“Great,” he said. “Great. I’ll do it again. I’m coming back next year if the good Lord’s willing.”

And Burner has advice for anyone who is thinking about skydiving themselves.

“Do it,” he said. “Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t wait. You can’t believe it until you do it.”

Proving that there’s no age limit on chasing your dreams.

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