Police searching for Snowman Ice Cream vandals

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy police are searching for the people suspected of damaging property at a popular summer spot in the city.

Snowman Ice Cream posted on its Facebook page that it was the victim of vandalism. The suspects snapped umbrellas off at the base of a table.

The owner did not wish to go on camera, but he said posting surveillance photos on social media has helped to identify some of the suspects.

He said that type of crime is something he will not tolerate.

“It’s just terrible,” loyal customer Scott Sorel said.

Troy police said the vandals caused $400 worth of damage.

“It costs a lot of money just to fix everything, but people frankly don’t care,” customer Alyssa Vandenburgh said.

Police said they have good leads on who is responsible for the damage.

“Snowman has been here forever and for someone to come vandalize it is pretty harsh,” Vandenburgh said. “Pretty harsh.”

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Last week in North Lansingburgh, swastikas were spray painted on a resident’s garage and the roadway. Sorel said someone vandalized his property a few weeks ago.

“In the back of my house somebody had smashed my wife’s vehicle,” he said. “They broke the windshield and the passenger window of the car. It cost me like $400 myself to fix it.”

Police have not said if they believe the incidents are related.

“It’s not cool,” Vandenburgh said. “I’ve here for my whole life, and I feel like it’s just getting worse and worse every year.”

The ice cream shop owner said new umbrellas have been ordered and should arrive by the middle of the week.

Anyone with information is asked to call Troy police.


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