Local gym hosting fundraiser in support of Maddie’s Mark

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The CrossFit community is coming together this weekend to help raise money for a local children’s charity.

The Maddie’s Mark Foundation supports sick children and their families by providing them with the ‘Best Day Ever.’ And CrossFit Shatter gym is hosting a fundraiser called Summer Slam ’15 on Saturday to help keep that mission going.

“CrossFit for me is about the community first. We want people to love it. We want people to enjoy it. We want people to have fun,” CrossFit Shatter owner Shane Healy said. “Now if we can take all those things, combine them with fitness, and then have a bunch of people work towards a great cause, why not? It’s a no brainer.”

maddie's mark

Healy is taking his gym to the next level hoping to make a mark for Maddie’s Mark.

“Everybody can work out, but can you work out and really love what you do while helping other people?” he asked. “That’s what we do.”

Matt Hickling is a member of CrossFit Shatter and doubles as a nurse at Albany Medical Center. Through his work at the hospital, he sees firsthand how Maddie’s Mark helps those who need it most.

He is also spearheading Saturday’s event at the Sage College Armory.

“I’m very happy for everything that’s coming together right now,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what the outcome is going to be on Saturday. Right now we’re looking at a very good amount of donations for Maddie’s Mark, and we can’t wait to see the faces of them and the families that it’s going to hopefully help in the future.”

Tina Snide’s 7-year-old daughter Naya is fighting cancer.

“I gain my strength from her,” she said. “You know, I get my courage from her. She’s just, ‘Mom, I’m going to kick its butt again.’”

Naya relapsed in June. Snide said Naya’s Best Day Ever was spent in New York City sightseeing and enjoying the atmosphere – all thanks to Maddie’s Mark.

“They really do a lot, a lot for these kids,” Snide said. “They will open their hearts and their arms to you. They’re there for anything and everything that you need.”

CrossFit Shatter hopes to continue the event every year and eventually become the biggest competition raising money for local charities in the Northeast.

Summer Slam ’15 will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 15 at Sage College Armory at 140 New Scotland Ave. in Albany.


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