Former teen idol feeds needy Capital Region children

SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Making amends and hoping to make a difference. The Partridge Family star David Cassidy was in the Capital Region on Monday to feed needy children.

When Cassidy pleaded guilty to a DWI charge from two years ago, he was required to do community service. So on Monday, he was out and about in Saratoga County.

Cassidy joined the volunteers from Clifton Park’s Captain Youth and Family Services in their summer lunch program. They stopped by four, low income neighborhoods and made sure children who were hungry had a good meal.

“I don’t know about you or anyone out there, but I get such a great feeling about myself helping people who need help,” he said.

On Monday, courtrooms and lawyers were replaced by laughter and humility.

“As a citizen, I’ve always felt it’s my responsibility to give back,” he said. “Look what I’ve gotten in my life.”

He was an international star adored by millions; the guy with the golden ticket. But on Monday, he was giving out the tickets and hope to children who need it; kids who never heard of The Partridge Family.

“None of them [know who I am], and that’s why I wear my hat and glasses, but even if I didn’t, they wouldn’t recognize me,” Cassidy said.

Neither did some of the young parents. But on this day, Cassidy was connecting with kids, feeding some empty tummies, and filling himself up with something, too.

“I’m thinking I haven’t been this good in 15, 20 years,” he said. “I feel so large. I feel such light in my life to be able to help people.”

Cassidy said for nearly 40 years, he has spent at least one day in the Capital Region – usually in Saratoga due to his love for horses.

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