Activists rallied for action following Dontay Ivy’s death

Dontay Ivy (Photo provided by family.)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Community activists hosted a rally outside the Albany County District Attorney’s office on Monday to call for the officers involved in Dontay Ivy’s death to be indicted.

Cries for justice could be heard outside the DA’s office Monday morning.

“For the past four months, we’ve also been waiting for his office to render any information and any indictments in the killing of Dontay Ivy,” Angelica Clarke with the Albany Social Justice Center said.

Ivy, 39, died in April after Albany police used a Taser on him. They said he became aggressive and physical.

Police said after using the Taser, Ivy led them on a short chase and was eventually apprehended. Afterwards, authorities said he suffered a medical emergency and later died at the hospital.

“Those officers acted in a way that ended Dontay’s life,” Clarke said.

“Dontay would be alive if he was white,” Victor Raez of the Albany Social Justice Center said.

Protestors felt Albany police did not handle the situation fairly.

“He was a man 150 feet from his doorstep violently stolen from the world,” Clarke said.

Criminal justice advocates want DA David Soares to indict the three officers involved in the Taser-related death.

Notably absent from the demonstration was Ivy’s family and Soares. But that didn’t stop Clarke from sending a direct message to the DA.

“This district attorney needs to affirm that Black lives matter,” she said.

Soares’ office said Ivy’s death is still an open investigation.

Albany police said they are also still investigating his death. Meanwhile, Ivy’s family has filed a notice of claim against the city, the police department, and the officers involved.

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