Medical marijuana decision expected Friday

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Friday is the day we expect to find out which companies will be approved to operate medical marijuana facilities here in New York State.

There are up to five licenses available. Once approved, the program will be implemented next year. It’s been a long anticipated moment.

The State Department of Health says we’re supposed to find out today which five applicants have been approved for a license. NEWS10ABC reached out to them and the governor’s office to get a better timing of the announcement, but our calls were never returned.

About 43 organizations have been competing for this license for a while now. Under a law passed last year, the state says each of the five could operate up to four dispensaries. This program is aimed towards patients with certain diseases like cancer, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease or Epilepsy. These patients will be allowed to get prescriptions to obtain forms of the drug that are edible or vaporized — but not smoked.

Once the five applicants are chosen, the program will be starting next year.

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