Inspired terrorist from Adams, Mass. pleads not-guilty

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – The man accused of wanting to launch an ISIS inspired terror attack on U.S. soil pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday morning.

Terror suspect, Alex Ciccolo, the son of a Boston Police Officer, appeared in federal court in Springfield. He pleaded not guilty to weapons and assault charges during the arraignment.

Authorities say the 23 year old plotted to detonate pressure-cooker bombs at an unidentified university. Ciccolo was arrested on July 4 after he received four guns from a government witness.

Prosecutors say he bought a pressure cooker the day before he was arrested. He is also charged with assault for allegedly using a pen to stab a nurse in jail.

Ciccolo said “thanks for standing by me” to his mother and stepfather as he left the courtroom.

The U.S. Attorney has yet to introduce any new evidence tying Ciccolo to ISIS. His lawyer, David Hoose, said his client denies all the allegations.

Hoose said more charges could be coming.

“I know it’s possible,” he said. “I know they are looking into additional charges. Whether they are there or not is something the government is going to have to determine.”

The next step in the case is a status conference scheduled for September 29.

Ciccolo is being held in a Rhode Island prison.

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