Hyde Collection opens new Andy Warhol exhibit

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Hyde Collection art museum in Glens Falls has opened a new exhibit on a famous artist with a little help from local community members.

A few months ago, the Hyde Collection asked the public to send in their favorite album covers to coincide with the Andy Warhol exhibit. They received more than 800, and a few were chosen for a display called Can You Dig It?

“Several of [Warhol’s] drawings that are the basis of the album covers are on view in the exhibition, including the iconic image of John Lennon,” Hyde Collection Director Erin Coe said.

Coe said the albums are used to show how his late drawings correspond to his other work.

“Some of these drawings were used as linear elements in his silkscreen paintings that he’s famous for,” she said.

Coe said Warhol started his career as an illustrator in 1950. In the 1960s, he became a key figure in pop ar.

In the 1970s, he went back to drawing.

“Drawing started to become integrated with his paintings at this time,” she explained. “It also becomes integrated with his commercial work, including album covers.”

And because of his quote, “In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes,” a selfie factory is also part of the exhibit.

The name was taken from his famous 1960s art studio – The Factory.

“There’s very little detail in a lot of the drawings, but you can immediately recognize the subject of the drawing,” visitor Steve Maxim, of Lake George, said.

Maxim said he really wasn’t a Warhol fan. He said most people could scribble on paper.

“But it’s knowing and having a purpose behind them and being able to get people’s emotions drawn out by just those few scribbles on a piece of paper,” he said.

The exhibit ‘The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol, 1973 to 1987’ includes pieces that were in his private collection until his death in 1987.

Acquired by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Hyde Collection is the first venue for the touring exhibit.

Coe said it’s the first public showing of many of the drawings.

The Andy Warhol exhibit is open at the Hyde Collection through September 27.

Can You Dig It? is open until October 11.

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