Psychologist: Harming animals could signal future of more serious crimes

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Experts say people who harm animals could be a sign of more serious crimes to come.

After a cat was shot in the head in Scotia, experts said the case and others like it are especially concerning.

Clinical psychologist Rudy Nydegger said it all has to do with age. He said if the person who harmed the cat in Scotia is young, it may be an early warning sign of anti-social behavior later on in life.

He said such acts could lead to harm of people and not just animals.

“This is one of those early warning signs where we look at and say, ‘This is something we wanna keep an eye on,’” he said. “In an adults, it’s a very different issue. These people are old enough to know that this is not acceptable behavior.”

Nydegger also said parents can prevent those actions from happening by monitoring what video games their children play and what they have access to like BB guns.

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