Legends inducted into Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hundreds of baseball fans flocked to Cooperstown Friday to see four new legends inducted into the baseball hall of fame.

While the festivities are on the stage, there was still plenty to remember about today including the thousands of fans that turned out to see the four new hall of famers. They came from all over: north, south, east west including the Dominican Republic.

Thousands of baseball fans are did a fair share of traveling to witness history on Sunday.

The 2015 hall of fame class is featuring four big time talents including former Glens Falls pitcher John Smoltz.

Charlie Furney is Smoltz’s high school basketball coach. Furney says Smoltz was extremely competitive, so he knew big things were ahead for him.

“It didn’t turn out to be in basketball but it worked out,” said Furney.

“Pedro! Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!”

Also, hundreds from the Dominican Republic, like Benjamin Rodriguez, weren’t going to miss out on Pedro Martinez’s induction.

“It’s a really great day that we’ll remember forever,” he said.

Rodriguez says Pedro, who’s now the second Dominican hall of famer, is bigger than life in his home country.

“Every Pedro start was like, there’s only one T.V. in the whole Dominican! That’s the way it was. He’s the second Dominican hall of famer. For a lot of us, it’s like he is the first because when Juan Marishal was selected, there weren’t those possibilities of traveling and making tours and so on,” said Rodriguez.

Two different paths, leading to one final destination: Cooperstown.

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