Chilling details emerge in Louisiana shooters past

John Russel Houser

LAFAYETTE, LA (NEWS 10) – New details continue to emerge about the man behind the Louisiana theater shooting as investigators search for a motive.

John Houser reportedly had a history of violence and mental health issues.

In 2001, he kicked up controversy for hanging a swastika outside a bar he owned.

In several online rants Houser expressed anti-American views; in one post saying “America is so sick that now I believe it to be the enemy of the world.”

“We’ve been contacted by numerous agencies that feel they’ve had some kind of contact or run in with this individual,” Paul Munton of the Lafayette Police Department said.

In 2008, his wife and family asked for a protective order, citing Houser’s “extreme erratic behavior” including “acts of family violence.”

She became so worried that she removed all guns from their home.

But police say the gun he used — was purchased legally at an Alabama pawn shop last year

The Grand Theater itself is still off limits, officials believe they will be on site until at least Monday before handing the theater back to the owners.

No word yet on reopening.

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