Rising egg prices effecting local NY businesses

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) –Eggs are getting a whole lot more expensive.

If you’ve gone grocery shopping recently, you’ve probably noticed that a dozen eggs will cost you more. But it’s not just for us. Farmers and businesses are also being impacted. We saw the highest egg prices back in May.

No one likes paying more for things, but this year the price of eggs is up… way up, nearly 50%. Now imagine if you were a business that relies on this staple to produce your product, or in the case of Bella Napoli: treats.

Dominick Minella is the chef at Bella Napoli. He tells NEWS10ABC they use thousands of eggs each day and are now paying upwards of forty cents more for each dozen. That means they’re making less off almost every item they sell.

So what’s causing these higher prices? Officials say it’s the result of the bird flu epidemic. It’s killed 48 million birds. Fewer birds, means fewer eggs and a higher demand. But it’s also created a lot of concern among farmers.

Jennifer Thomas’ family owns the Thomas Poultry Farm in Schuylerville. They’re a small commercial egg producer. They’ve got about 200,000 birds producing about 12,000 dozen eggs a day. And they’ve been taking precautions.

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