Power to Push enters third week

The Ainsley’s Angels Power To Push has not lost any steam in its third week. Shaun, Nichole, Shamus, and Simon Evans of Galway are still trekking across the country spreading the gift of mobility and inclusion. Shaun and Shamus continue to roll while Nichole and Simon help to navigate the way. The family says the trip so far is everything they thought it would be.

“It definitely is.” said Nichole. “Actually more because I didn’t know how much time we’d actually have to sight see and do different activities, but Shaun’s energy level has allowed us to take it all in.”

Nichole tells me the kids are having a blast as well.

“They are doing amazing! We weren’t sure how they’d adapt to on-the-road living, but they are handling it like champs! They are loving the sightseeing, but above all, I think they like our nightly Uno tournaments.”

I asked her who has been winning the majority of the Uno games. Nichole begrudgingly said “Shaun, go figure.”

Her husband has ran 1,012 miles in 19 days, which on average over 50 miles a day. She admits there have been a few physical tests along the way.

“The mountains just seem to be endless in terms of challenges.”

However, for someone who runs in ultra-marathons, Nichole says this is nothing for Shaun.

“(It’s) not more taxing. He’s been training for a long time and was very well prepared. And we live in a region that allowed him to train in the hills and he prepared for elevation with his air mountain generator.”

So far, the Evans’ have presented three different families with running chariots just like the one their son Shamus uses to roll with the wind. They plan on handing a fourth out in just a couple of days on July 25.

Yet the spear headers of ‘Power To Push’ say they do not need anything except more donations for Ainsley’s Angels, who promotes involvement and active lifestyles for children with disabilities.

On Wednesday, the family will be running 49 miles from Greybull to Dayton, Wyoming.

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