Dead animals found at home in Malta, owner charged

Shayna Tabachneck, 39

MALTA, N.Y. (NEWS10) –You can see a no trespassing sign on her property, but one neighbor did not obey that because she found dead dogs in the back of the property and police found even more disturbing things inside.

Once again police are crediting neighbors with an investigation into animal abuse, this time in Malta.

“I called 911, I called ASPCA and I kept getting referred back to the town of Malta,” said Linda Walczak.

Walczak says she made those calls months ago in regards to dogs at this home across the street on Lakeside drive at Malta Gardens Park.

“Late last fall my first hint that dogs weren’t being properly cared for was one of their dogs got lose and wound up in my yard and it was really in an emaciated state,” Linda Walczak from Malta.

That was last fall; nothing happened she says until yesterday when neighbors again called this time complaining of a foul odor coming from the home.

“There’s an odor of death in the air,” said Walczak. “Yesterday my neighbor trespassed on their property, went to their shed, opened it and found the carcasses of the dead dogs,” she continued.

State Police say when troopers responded they discovered those two dead dogs in garbage bags in the shed. 39-year-old Shayna Tabachneck was arrested charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals under Buster’s law.

When officials went inside they found another dead dog in a bedroom!

Also living inside the home was Tabachneck’s 14-year-old son. Police say the home was covered in feces and urine.

“He really didn’t deserve to live in that kind of environment,” said Walczak.

“That is a horrible thing to be subjected to as a kid,” said neighbor, Stephanie Streifert.

Inside the home police also found an emaciated pitbull and five cats that were in fair health. All of those animals were removed by animal control. Tabachneck is also charged with endangering the welfare of her son, he is now staying with relatives.

This home has been condemned.

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