Dashcam video shows traffic stop escalating into confrontation

In this July 10, 2015, frame from dashcam video provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, trooper Brian Encinia reaches into the car to arrest Sandra Bland after she became combative during a routine traffic stop in Waller County, Texas. Bland was taken to the Waller County Jail that day and was found dead in her cell on July 13. (Texas Department of Public Safety via AP)

HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) – State police in Texas have released the dashcam video of the traffic stop of an Illinois woman who was found dead in her cell three days later from what was ruled suicide by hanging.

A trooper pulled over Sandra Bland for failing to signal a lane change. He remarked that she seemed irritated. Bland responded that she was irritated because she was being ticketed for changing lanes to get out of the path of his car.

She said no when he asked if she would put out her cigarette. After Bland said she can smoke in her own car, the trooper ordered her to step out of the car. Bland refuses and he responded that she was under arrest. After she refused, the trooper threatened to “drag” her from the car. State police say the weapon he then points at Bland was a stun gun. The trooper then threatened “I will light you up.”

Bland got out of the car and was taken to the side of the road. The confrontation continued off camera.

Trooper Brian Encinia arrested Bland for assault on a public servant. He has been placed on administrative leave for violating unspecified police procedures.

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