National Weather Service to investigate tornado in Columbia County

NIVERVILLE, N.Y. – Residents by Kinderhook Lake woke up to no power and massive damage surrounding their homes Monday morning.

Part of The Concourse road was blocked by cones since two large trees collapsed on each other that caused power lines to tangle and break.

Paul Leinbohm, a resident who lives by Kinderhook Lake says he was not home when the storm hit, but says his neighbors called to tell them to come home.

That is when they saw a giant tree uprooted and landed backwards by their porch. Luckily, they say no glass windows were shattered.

A resident submitted a video to News 10 ABC Sunday evening where it shows Kinderhook Lake looking much different than Monday morning.

Trees were blown in different directions and a glass tabletop flipped over and shattered.

Leinbohm’s neighbors woke up to a tree that landed on their car as well as a wooden chair that was thrown by the wind and it was left broken in half.

Residents have been helping each other clean up the debris before crews visit later in the day.

According to National Grid’s power outage map, restoration is expected to be around 12:30 p.m.

The National Weather Service out of Albany will be sending out crews to assess the damage and to determine if a tornado touched down.



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