Dogs on the bed

Social media has become an important way to share news stories and communicate with viewers, especially when you communicate back.

NEWS10 ABC anchor John Gray received a huge response from viewers on a picture he posted on his Facebook page Tuesday night.

The picture shows his dog Max on his bed right before going to sleep. Some studies say you shouldn’t let dogs on the bed, but many do it anyway.

Over 130 people responded with images of their own dogs and cats on the bed.

Here is what John had to say in his own words:

“I’ve read studies that say you shouldn’t let the dog sleep on the bed. Hmmm…

I’ve never met a study that greeted me at the door after a long day, or leaned against me when I was sad and needed a hug. And I sure never met a study that waited for me to close my eyes before he would dare close his own and waited ever patiently for me to wake up so he could push his head under my hand and feel the love that passes from one friend to another.

Sometimes his paws are dusty, his panting rocks the bed like a boat on the ocean. But the rhythm of his heart is steady and true and his love unconditional.

That’s your dog. So yeah, on the bed is fine.”


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