Firefighters battle blaze in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Officials say a fire started shortly after 6 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Smoke billowed in the air as more than 100 first responders called to this scene on Currybush Road. Several structures caught on fire and were threatened by fast moving flames.

“We had two fully involved barn fires,” said Matt Zink, Second Assistant Fire Chief in Schenectady.

Two barns that are now skeleton structures have been deemed a total loss. The fire was knocked down in about an hour.

“We were able to put some streams on the house to protect it and we were able to save the neighboring house,” Zink said.

The barns were filled with hay and farming equipment, meaning no animals were injured. No other injuries have been reported.

“It was difficult. The wind pushed a lot of the fire down towards us down at the bottom of the hill, were a majority of the fire departments were. So making that trek up, we had a lot of wind and fire and heat pushing at us, which did make it a difficult attack. We were able to knock it down in about an hour, but it did spread pretty quickly,” said Zink.

Investigators have no idea how it started or where and they are trying to piece things back together.

One of the investigators says the hay inside the barn was a big concern because hot spots could be hiding in there.



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