How to cut your cable bill in half

How can you save big on your internet and cable bill?

One family slashed their annual bill by more than $1,000.

After realizing they spent over $2,700 a year to surf cable and web, the Mask Family decided they needed a better solution.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch sat down with them to review their plan.

One of the major things she found was they were triple paying for movies.

Stop ordering HBO, on-demand, and streaming Netflix, Woroch says.

Chances are you’re not even watching those channels half the time.

Use just Netflix or Redbox to really cut down on those costs.

By cutting back on those premium movie channels and eliminating those movie

Rentals, the Masks saved $936.

Another great way to cut costs is by not renting equipment such as DVRs, modems, and routers.

Buying your own modem can save you in the long run.

The Mask family paid $44 dollars to have their own when they were spending $48 a year to rent one.

You should also search around for the best bundle deals on sites such as My Rate Plan or

You just enter in your zip code and it lets you know all the different bundle deals available in your area.

Also call your cable provider every six months to see if they have any updated deals and bundles. You can also save money by reducing your internet speed, unless your household streams a lot of video

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