Police: Teen arrested for blowing donuts at local drive-in

PHOTO: Glen Twin Drive In Facebook

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – State Police say they arrested a Queensbury man after he “blew donuts” at a drive-in theater.

Officials say 19-year-old Cruise Sullinger is being charged for Reckless Endangerment after he allegedly drove his vehicle in a reckless manner at a the Glen Drive-In Theater in Queensbury on Monday night.

Witnesses at the drive-in stated that a blue Ford Bronco was in a field adjacent to one of the movie theatres driving recklessly, spinning tires, driving in circles, speeding around the field, and “blowing donuts” with the vehicle.

Police say this all occurred while approximately 30 people were walking around during the intermission. A person who was at the theater attempted to stop the vehicle and when he grabbed onto the vehicle, Sullinger continued to drive with the man still holding onto the vehicle.

The vehicle had left the scene prior to police arrival and no one was found to have been injured.

The vehicle owner was later located and identified. Sullinger said he was “trying to be cool for his friends” and did not see the potential hazard he created.

Police say Sullinger was charged with Reckless Endangerment in the second degree.  He’s also banned from returning The Glen Drive-In by the properties owners.

Sullinger was released with an appearance ticket and is expected to appear in Queensbury Town Court on a later date.

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