David Sweat shares dramatic story on escape

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – David Sweat is still recovering at Albany Medical Center after being shot by police on Sunday.

As he’s there, he’s been revealing shocking details about his escape plot, and the freedom he had at Clinton Correctional Facility.

Sweat has told investigators that he and Richard Matt started digging through the walls of their cells way back in January, and they did it without any power tools.

He also told authorities that he and Matt routinely broke out of their cells to scout the inside of prison walls. He says they even gave their escape a trial run the night before they actually broke free.

Once they finally broke out, their alleged getaway driver, Joyce Mitchell backed out and never showed up, forcing them to improvise.

Once on the run, they broke into cabins as they headed towards Canada.

“They obtained an AM/FM radio that they were able to listen to the news media,” said Andrew Wylie, Clinton County District Attorney.

Sweat said he spent time in a tree-stand as searchers walked below him, and in another close call, he and Matt were in a cabin when someone showed up, but that person never saw them.

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