6-year-old girl receives 911 heroism award

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A 6-year-old girl from Colorado Springs who helped save her mom’s life received the 911 Award for Heroism Friday.

Sanyla Boyd called 911 when her mom fell unconscious after having chest pains. When Peterson fire emergency crews responded, she was able to calmly relay critical medical information to firefighters that helped save her mom’s life.

Sanyla said she wasn’t really scared, because she had just learned what to do.

“The same day that I called 911 for my mom, I learned how to do 911 at school,” Sanyla said.

“She’s always been very receptive about things that surround her, and for her to put it into play at a crucial time, I was pretty proud when I heard about it,” Sanyla’s dad, Sgt. Michael Boyd, said. “I still am proud.”

Sanyla is the first recipient of this award. Officials said she has set a standard for others, both young and old.

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