Residents calm, return to normal after escapee caught

DANNEMORA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Less than 24 hours after the capture of David Sweat, the locals here say they are still breathing a sigh of relief.

The locals say they know it will take time to for things to completely return to normal, but they say now that the dust has started to settle with the capture of David Sweat.

“We were not that afraid in the village because we always figured they wouldn’t stay here if they got out,” Dannemora resident Barbara Martin said with a laugh. “They would leave town as soon as they could.”

Leave town they did. Richard Matt was fatally shot in a neighboring County and David Sweat was shot and apprehended 40 miles away from the maximum security prison they escaped from on June 6.

Now that the more than three week manhunt is over, the locals are thanking those who kept their home safe.

“We had the streets lined with people cheering the troopers and the CO’s and everybody that went by,” Martin told News 10.

“This is absolutely incredible, it’s so encouraging to me being these people’s prosecutor and seeing the support that they’re showing to everyone that’s driving by coming back from Malone after David Sweat was taken into custody,” Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said.

Law enforcement officials are, in turn, thanking the community who has been their biggest cheerleaders and support system.

“We’d like to thank the community and our partners in law enforcement,” Michael Powers, president of NYSCOPBA said. “The hard working members of ours in CCF for maintaining operations of the faculty during this difficult time.”

“Everyone was very grateful to all of the searchers,” Martin said. “They went through three weeks of terrible work to do this and it was dangerous too and we just appreciated it.”

Barbara Martin, who has been a Dannemora resident since she was seven, says she never thought she would see anything like this happen in her lifetime and she is looking forward to everything settling back down.

“I think (now that) everyone is out of here,” Martin told News 10 with a laugh. “Everything will be normal.”

But she, along with her neighbors, continues to salute the men and women in uniform.

“Just thank you so much,” Martin said.

Wylie says there is still a long way to go for the legal process, but the residents say they are finally looking forward to things settling down and getting back to normal.

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